I started DJing several years ago but then became interested in production. Currently when I'm not studying I really enjoy making music.

Awards and nominations

  • Premios Gardel 2012 - [Winner "Mejór Álbum Música Electrónica" with Eternal Sunday]
  • Premios Gardel 2014 - [Nominated "Mejor Álbum Música Electrónica" with Eternal Sunday]
  • Hero Remix [International Contest Winner]
  • Taranteiro Remix [International Contest Winner]
  • Music Is The Power Remix [International Contest Winner]
  • Manic Rain Remix [International Contest Winner]
  • Round And Round [International Contest Winner]


  • Premios Gardel 2018

Labels [Alphabetical order]

I worked with labels from various countries. I like to meet new colleagues and interact with different artists.

  • Acuna Boyz Productions [England]
  • Audio Killers Records [Argentina]
  • Bog Da Nova Muzyka/Tka43byk Records [Ukraine]
  • Crossborder Records [England]
  • Club G Music [Vietnam]
  • Dancefloor Dreams [Argentina]
  • Doctors of Chaos Records [Italy]
  • Electro Babes
  • Eternal Sunday [Argentina]
  • Final House Rec [Spain]
  • Kalabria Records [Italy]
  • KP Recordings [Turkey]
  • Melody Garden Recordings [Vietnam]
  • Paranoja Records [Austria]
  • Records54 [Germany]